SuperMarket Food Kills Monkey (Monkey Has Massive Heart Attack)


Chicago, Illinois September 23, 2006. The heart failure was produced strictly by feeding the monkey a high fat/high cholesterol diet plan. The diet was especially significantly like what countless Americans consume each and every day. They called it SuperMarket Food. It was about 42 percent fat and about a 50th of an ounce of cholesterol per day. Following two years on the diet plan the monkey had developed the characteristic yellow outcroppings (referred to as xanthomas) on his skin, which showed that its atherosclerosis was already properly developed.

Following two and a half years of feeding, the fatal heart attack happened. The attack was enormous, involving about half of his left heart muscle. The heart and the coronary arteries looked just like a human heart looks soon after such an attack.”

The heart showed numerous places of cell death, and the arteries were filled with plaques. It ought to be pointed out that rhesus monkeys do not have heart attacks under typical circumstances. On ordinary “monkey chow,” a rhesus monkey will never have a heart attack.

There are implications for pre- and early two Diabetics. Some have found help with these kinds of natural exercise and eating. Risk of Diabetes in the USA is higher than ever right now, and complications from the killer degenerative diseases like, heart illness, atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular disease (stroke) and arterial hypertension are greater than ever also. We are relearning that “The bottom line to holding in check the degenerative diseases can be boiled down to five words: Remain lean and stay active”

It appears that there is hope for all which includes those with pre- and early kind two. Though we humans do not eat “monkey chow” we should really eat the Superb Foods, the “Longevity Foods.” Talk with your nutritionist and discover these foods. There is a Treasury of painless to identify wholesome, Longevity Foods just sitting in the Supermarket just saying “Pick me-Choose me.”

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